Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bondage by MCH: Luna Ray's Debut

What a fabulous night for moondance.... A few pix from MCH's clip shop of one of his newer models Luna Ray.

Until next time, Brightest Blessings, Be Safe and Have Fun !!

Gator Group (Unhappy End) Die Schulfeindin (Trailer)

From the Gator Group; Angela (Marlene Marlow) is terrorized by a former classmate, Miriam (Kerstin Orf) and her evil friend (Claudia Splitt). They take Angela prisoner and Keep her bound and gagged in her Apartment while they go Shopping with Angela´s credit Cards and plan Angela´s final...big party...
shot in Berlin, Germany. Filmed in German (there is also a shorter VOD Version on vimeo with English subtitles)

Download Here

Lost One Zero: Space Damsels Sketchbook "Mayhem on Meridia" (Preview)

From artist Lost One Zero; The quest to infiltrate a missing casino leads to bound and gagged and barefooted hi-jinks for intrepid Captain Rui Lycae & her compatriots.

Moe Chan's Blindfold Games (Time Bomb Preview)

From a contributor, in this clip, young looking model trussed up, blindfolded and gagged over the mouth must creep her way over to a ticking bomb prop and pull the proper wire as dramatic music plays.

Download Here