Saturday, October 25, 2014

True Blood: "Thank You" *Hq Ws Web Rip*



In the dungeon, Pam apologizes to Eric for having been used as the pawn to betray Sookie to the Yakuza. He does not answer, but instead glares at Sarah, (Anna Camp) who is still bound and gagged. Pam calls his name to prompt some acknowledgement. To her surprise, he tells her to unchain Sarah. She asks him if he has a plan or if he is acting impulsively because of his anger. He calmly replies that he is releasing Sarah. This statement shocks both Pam and Sarah. Pam does not move, and Eric proceeds to unchain Sarah, who gasps with joy. He tells her not to get her hopes up too high, because they have no intention of allowing her to escape from them. He viciously grabs Sarah by the throat and lifts her off the ground, slamming her onto the table that Pam had just been silvered on. Confused, Pam reminds Eric that Sarah is still considered to be missing and many parties are searching for her.

That night, Fangtasia is more active than it ever was before. Eric has returned to his rightful place on his throne. In the dungeon, Pam counts money as she oversees a vampire feeding from the femoral artery of a chained-up and dolled-up Sarah Newlin. After exactly one minute, Pam tells him that his time is up.

The vampire, Maurice, begs for one more minute. Pam rushes at him at vampire speed, and throws him off Sarah, reminding him that he had paid for just one minute with the infamous fugitive. He offers his credit card, but Pam throws him out, shouting that it was a cash-only transaction. Pam grabs the small bag full of money, smiles at Sarah, and walks back upstairs; coming full circle, Pam has returned to her human profession of being the madame of a whorehouse. Only now, her only whore is Sarah, who can bring in a whopping $100,000 for one minute, making her the most expensive prostitute (of sorts) in history, just as Pam had predicted.

Sarah pathetically weeps to herself as she is left alone in the dungeon. She looks up and sees a hallucination of Steve Newlin with a shit-eating grin on his face. She whines to him to go away and leave her alone. Steve taunts her by reminding her that as it is Thanksgiving, it is tradition to state what one is thankful for. He tells her that he is thankful to see the last remnants of her sanity slipping away. And because he is nothing more than a hallucination, he can never go away and will continue to haunt her for the rest of her life. He sarcastically asks what she is thankful for. She answers honestly: "Nothing."

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